Hair Solutions. Made Simple.

Hair Fall treatments. Made simple


Losing hair is traumatic. The truth is that one in three people is experiencing some sort of hair loss. You're not alone!

Hair loss is caused mostly by genetics.Other contributing factors are our changing lifestyles and diet. We at Headstrong will provide you with a private customized solution administered by a certified Trichologist.


Headstrong uses proven treatments from around the world. Let us treat you with a combination of therapies suited to your personal needs using organic and natural products for fantastic results.


Our Trichologists control your hair loss with both external and internal medicine. Externally, scalp treatments aid in nourishment of scalp follicles, detoxification and disinfection. Internally, we recommend supplements specific to the pathology of your hair loss problem. Our health coach will work with you on dietary needs that are vital in the maintenance of your results.


If you are just wanting to add volume to your existing hair or have genetic Alopecia, let Headstrong consult on your unique issue.